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Young Adult

The Chosen One Celebrate all literary chosen ones in this crate ORDER YOURS! >>

Limited Edition
Middle Grade Crate

This is Halloween Haunted and eerie (but not too scary!) This one-time crate is perfect for boys and girls ages 8-13 ORDER YOURS! >>

November Artist

Jo Painter Each YA crate comes with original artwork and a print!

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Magical Edition Crate
Year Two!
Inspired by Harry's second year at Hogwarts! ORDER YOURS! >>

The Joy
of Reading
Delivered Monthly

Fun & Easy Get a new book every month. Always a new release. Book-themed items in every crate.

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What is LitJoy Crate?

LitJoy Crate is a monthly book box subscription for readers of all ages! Each box is thoughtfully curated with new release books and 2-3 quality book-themed items. Select from our children’s picture book crate (ages 3-7), our middle grade crate (ages 8-13), or our young adult book crate (ages 14+).

How It Works

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EnJoy the LitJoy!

What customers are saying  

"This is honestly my favorite book box. I subscribed to three others and after a three month evaluation, I realized I really liked LitJoy Crate the best. Not only do they have such great picks for their books but also the item selection is so thoughtful. Not only are the bookish items included actually useful (as opposed to decorative) but also they are so lovingly picked out to cater to the book. The selection of goodies in each box, as well as the little card explaining why the item was chosen, honestly make me that more excited to read each book. There are also more items included in each LitJoy Crate than most others without a price raise. This is the only book box I've found so far that is worth the price and hasn't disappointed me. Keep up the good work guys! I love what y'all are doing." --Kyla 

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